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17 Mile Drive California/Lunch at Pebble Beach

One Perfect Day

Stay: Hyatt Highlands in Carmel

Use your Hyatt points and stay for 25000 points each night. Fireplaces in the rooms.


Drive to Whole Foods In Monterey.


Take the drive known as 17-mile Drive. Start at the Highway 1 gate which is at Highway 1 and Highway 68 and pay the $10.00 entrance fee. Keep the receipt because lunch will be at Pebble Beach and they will deduct the entry fee. Enjoy the well marked and diverse winding road through three golf courses, a forest, along the coast, past the famous sea lion beach and Lone Cypress tree, through a beautiful neighborhood and towards Pebble Beach. You will get at map at the gatehouse so you can follow along and see whats up ahead


The drive can get busy with tour buses and cars but there are many places to pull over.


Pebble Beach. Eat at The Bench which opens at 11am. Sit next to window and have a stunning view of the golf course and ocean vistas. Recommend: Fire Roasted Beets, Winter Spiced Gnocchi and Tortiglione Bolognese with wine of course.

After Lunch

Enjoy the grounds, walk through the lobby and linger by the fire in winter or step out onto the patio and marvel at the view. Continuing the drive ends up back at Highway 1. Go South toward Carmel

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