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Point Lobos California

One Perfect Day

Stay: Hyatt Highlands in Carmel

Use your Hyatt points and stay for 25000 points each night. Fireplaces in the rooms.


You need an early start so pack your breakfast and lunch and get to the gatehouse at Point Lobos by 8am.


From the Hyatt Highlands it is just a short drive north on Highway 1 to the entrance to Point Lobos. Pay the entrance fee at the gatehouse ($10.00 take cash) and make your way to the Piney Woods parking lot. From the parking lot take the South Shore Trail south to Bird Island past China Cove where the sea lions give birth (trail to China Cove is restricted during birthing season). Retrace your steps part way back along the South Shore Trail to the Mound Meadow Trail which will intersect with the Lace Lichen Trail and end up back at Piney Woods parking lot.


Get the map online to see where the trails are

Parking lots at Point Lobos fill up fast which is why it is important to get there early, otherwise you will need to park along Highway 1 and walk a distance into the park.

Once you find a place to park it is best not to move your car until you are ready to leave for the day.


Have a picnic at the Piney Woods parking lot. There are plenty of picnic tables and a restroom.

After Lunch

Take the South Shore Trail north to connect with the Cypress Grove Trail. This trail is popular. It is a 0.8 miles loop trail the winds through one of two naturally growing stands of Monterey cypress trees. (The other is at Cypress Point across Carmel Bay)


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