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One Perfect Trip Tokyo Japan


Daiichi Hotel located near Shimbashi Station and Ginza district


Walk to the Ginza area. Get a map and directions from the concierge at the hotel.

Explore the area – hidden walkways and elegant department stores.


Ginza’s upscale department stores are great for lunch

Matsuzakaya for sushi, tempura and soba noodles

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling Tournament – seeing sumo with a tour guide is very informative as the guide is able to explain the event.

Rippongi Hills

Pintokona kaiten-sushi (conveyor belt) in Roppongi Hills complex shopping center. Sit at the bar and pick your plates as they glide by on the belt.

Tokyo City View observation deck gives an outstanding view of Tokyo. Hours 10am – 11pm

Asakusa Temple

Built in 645 AD on the grounds of an old fishing village.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

Unusual architecture of Tokyo Visit the fashionable Aoyama District

Tip: Be sure to go back to the Ginza area at night. Then you can catch the geishas in full makeup and dress clopping along in their sandals heading to their appointment for the evening.

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