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Take the tour of Fragonard Parfumeur in Grasse France

Located in Grasse France since 1926 this perfumery is one of the oldest in the place known as the world capitol of perfume. Owned by the Fuchs family, founder Eugene Fuchs began to sell perfume and other products to tourists. He named it after the 18th century painter Jean-Honore Fragonard who was the son of a perfume maker .

Each year Fragonard celebrates a plant and creates a selection of products around it. For 2016 the special choice is the Iris which is grown in Tuscany and known as the “blue gold of Florence” .

Visitors are taken on a free guided tour of the workshops and laboratories throughout this historic factory where the process of extraction and distilling is explained.

Learn about the different perfume families and how they are blended to make that perfect fragrance. The Citrus family, The Floral family, The Fougère (or fern) family, The Chypre family (oak moss with floral or fruity notes), The Woody family, The Amber (or oriental) and The Leather family

There is a Perfume Museum on the 1st floor and plenty of opportunities to sample and buy.

Open everyday 9am – 6:30pm.


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