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Experience the life of butterflies at the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale Arizona

Enjoy a fun and educational experience at the Butterfly Wonderland.

Cerulean Butterflies fromPeru, Bolivia, Philippines, Indonesia and France (by Christopher Marley)

Gloss Swallowtail Mosaic from Thailand, China, Indonesia (by Christopher Marley)

Graphia Trio Papua New Guinea (by Christopher Marley)

Lumens Prism from Bolivia and Peru with accent butterfly pieces from the Indonesian islands (by Christopher Marley)

Silver Celestina from Indonesia (by Christopher Marley)

The Atlas Moth found in Southeast Asia is one of the largest moths in the world.

The Butterfly Emergence Gallery is the largest in the country and lets you get close up to the chrysalis and watch as the butterflies emerge

The Pavilion is the largest rainforest conservatory butterfly pavilion in the country with more than 3000 butterflies.

Other interactive displays include Honeybee Extravaganza, Spineless Giants, a stingray and shark pool, a gift shop and Café.

In the 3D Theater see “Flight of the Butterflies” about the Monarch butterfly migration

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