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Spend the day at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona

The Desert Botanical Garden sits on 140 acres was founded in 1937.

It has been designated as the global headquarters by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature for the preservation of cacti and other succulents.Cacti are one of five threatened groups of living things including amphibians, corals, cycads and conifers.

A glass installation by Chihuly called Desert Towers

A rare cristate Saguaro cactus

Salvaged Ironwood saguaro made of pick heads by Jeff Hebets

“Earth laughs in flowers” Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Walk Through Thyme

The Carol Bulla Memorial Sundial

Berlin Agave Yucca Forest displays more than 1000 specimens of agave and yucca.

Color coded loop trails guide you through the Garden.

The Desert Discovery Loop Trail features desert plants from around the world.

The Plants and People of The Sonoran Desert Loop Trail shows how desert plants have been used for food, fiber and medicine.

The Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail gives you a close-up look at desert and mountain vistas.

The Center for Desert Living Trail illustrates useful ways of living with nature in the desert.

The Harriet K Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail highlights wildflowers in the desert

The Desert Botanical Garden offers many events, garden tours, concerts series, classes, workshops, kids camps, and plant sales through the year in addition to their research and conservation efforts.

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