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Medieval Villages in the South of France


The road to Gourdon is lined with orange and olive trees and winds through the Gorges du Loup which leads to the stone medieval houses and the feudal castle with the surrounding gardens.

This ancient village began as a fortress in the 9-12th centuries so it is built on a peak above the Loup River with panoramic views.

Walk through the one and only fortified entrance and enjoy the quaint restaurants and boutiques .

Le Nid d’Aigle is a restaurant perched high on the cliff.


This medieval fortified village is famous for its museums, galleries and boutiques. It has been frequented through the centuries by actors, poets, artists and musicians because if its beautiful squares, ancient fountains, cobblestone streets and picturesque sweeping views. Marc Chagall is buried here.

The village is one of the most intact medieval fortified villages in Provence with much of the ramparts or defensive walls still in place.

Built on a rocky outcrop this is one of the most beautiful villages in the south of France.


This medieval village is known at the “Violet village” growing here for over a century and it honored each year in March at the flower festival . Here artisanal shops run by the artists themselves weaving, painting, pottery, jewelry and sculpture.

Medieval and Romanesque buildings perch on a rocky cliff with views of the loup valley and gorges.

Restaurant Le Sansot, Tourrettes-sur-Loup

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