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Venice Italy

Venice is the capital of the Veneto region built on more than 100 small islands. This enchanting city encourages you to get lost in the secret corridors with numerous bridges over small canals filled with gondolas.

Enjoy an aperitif Campari while people watching.

Gondolas on the canals of Venice.

Panforte is the traditional Italian dessert with lots of fruit and nuts.

Hotel Cipriani

Palazzo Grassi

The museum is owned by François Pinault, owner of Kering, the group that owns Gucci, Balenciago, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney and... Puma, Volcom, and Tretorn among other brands. Pinault owns one of the biggest collections of contemporary art worldwide.

Vegetable and fish market near the Rialto Bridge.

Lo Greco Gallery

Culto Café Cioccolato located in the Museo Correr St Mark’s Square. This museum exhibits the art and history of Venice.

Fuori Menu Fly Away is excellent for pizza, pastries and fruit juice.

Ca’ Pesaro museum on the Grand Canal with 19th and 20th century collections of painting and sculptures. The building is an example of Baroque architecture built seventeenth century.

Explore the prisons inside the Bridge of Sighs. Built in the seventeenth century connecting the Old Prison in the Doge’s Palace with the New Prison across the river.

Saint Marks Basilica the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice. Byzantine Architecture.

Deliveries on the canal.

Glass Candies

The beautiful architecture of Venice.

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