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Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Bright Angel Lodge and surrounding rustic cabins sit on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Opened in 1935 and designed by architect Mary Jane Colter, one of only a few female American architects.

The Arizona Room located in the Bright Angel Lodge.

The El Tovar Hotel opened in 1905. It was the first hotel at the Grand Canyon at a rate of $4.50 a night which would get you a room with running water. El Tovar named after Don Pedro de Tovar a Spanish explorer in 1540. Its was built by the Santa Fe Railway and Fred Harvey Co during a time when railways would build hotels at scenic destinations. This hotel was built before the Grand Canyon was a federally recognized park which happened in 1919.

Exhibits at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.

The Canyon World is the story of the creation of the Grand Canyon.

The Birdseye Expedition exhibits one of four wooden boats used in the USGS Mapping the Grand Canyon 1923. These expeditions were carried out 1921-1923. The boats had to be sturdy enough to survive the rapids. The crew of 12 men was led by topographic engineer Claude Birdseye.

Grand Canyon survey party at Lees Ferry . This group set off in August 1 1923 and landed at Needles California on October 13.

From the USGS website Mapping the Grand Canyon in 1923. The Birdseye Expedition

“The Grand Canyon survey party at Lees Ferry. Left to right: Leigh Lint, boatman; H.E. Blake, boatman; Frank Word, cook; C.H. Birdseye, expedition leader; R.C. Moore, geologist; R.W. Burchard, topographer; E.C. LaRue, hydraulic engineer; Lewis Freeman, boatman, and Emery Kolb, head boatman. Boatman Leigh Lint, "a beefy athlete who could tear the rowlocks off a boat...absolutely fearless," later went to college and became an engineer for the USGS.”

Yavapai Geology Museum

Geologists contributing to the knowledge of the Grand Canyon.

South Rim Rock Layers

Hermits Rest Built in 1914 designed by Mary Colter Built for the tourists arriving by the coach operated by the Fred Harvey Co. Colter also built other structures as part of the National Register of Historic Places including Hermits Rest 1914, Desert View Watchtower 1932, Lookout Studio 1914 and Hopi House 1905.

Hopi House was architect Mary Colter’s first building. Local Hopi craftsmen helped build the structure. It was used to house American Indian artisans who lived and worked there.

Mules are fed in the morning to prepare for visitor rides through the canyon

The Grand Canyon Railway takes you from Williams Arizona to the South Rim.

Mather Point

Powell Lodge

The Rim Trail of Time exhibit stretches for 2.83 miles and serves as a geologic timeline. Each meter walked on the timeline trail signifies one million years of Grand Canyon's geologic history

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