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Visit the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, California

The Getty Villa is home to the J.Paul Getty Museum’s collection of antiquities from the Greek, Roman and Etruscan period 6500 B.C. – A.D. 400.

Spend the day and appreciate the stunning architecture of the villa, the delicious food in the Cafe and the impressive collection of antiquities.

Built to resemble ancient Roman country house and modeled after Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum Italy which was buried in the eruption of Mt Vesuvius A.D. 79. The drive from the main gate takes you on a road that has the look and feel of cobblestones. As you walk through the courtyards of the villa you can imagine being a roman citizen 2000 years ago admiring the herb garden, water features, Italian stone pines.

The architecture echos the ancient roman features of framed views, symmetry, board formed concrete, open ceiling rooms, weeping walls and an orderly layout. Tesserae or small pieces of stone or glass used to produce an intricate pattern runs along the floors. Travertine is used extensively as in Roman times.

Free guided tours ( headset included) is the best way to see the villa and are conducted by very knowledgeable guides throughout the day.

Market Beet and Winter Citrus Salad

Margherita Pizza

Villa Burger with Candied Bacon

Mediterranean Platter with homemade tabbouleh and hummus along with feta cheese, olives, pita bread

Peasant Bread with local seasonal fruit spread

Pot de Crème chocolate, salt caramel and Chantilly

Have a delicious lunch outdoors at the Café and enjoy casual Mediterranean dishes with local fresh ingredients. The varied menu prepared by Chef Fernando Cayanan showcases the bounty of California produce.

Ritual Vessel with Recovery of Helen 450-440 B.C.

Relief of an African Elephant A.D. 79-96 Marble

Sarcophagus with Vintage Scene A.D. 290-300 Marble

Folding Tripod with Horses A.D. 250-300 Bronze

Amber and Gold 500-400 B.C.

Coin Belt A.D. 370-400 Gold, enamel, sapphire, emerald, garnet and glass

Prize Vessel from the Athenian Games 340-339 B.C.

Marble Portrait A.D. 240

Mask from a Calvary Helmet A.D. 75-125 Bronze

Body Armor and Helmet in Bronze

Offering Vessel in the shape of a Seashell Greek about 425 B.C. Marble

Vessels for Scented Oil

Mummy of Herakleides A.D. 50-100

Mummy Portrait A.D. 220-250

Combat between Dares and Entellus A.D. 175-200 Mosaic

Diana and Callisto Surrounded by a Hunt A.D. 175-200 Mosaic

Mosaic about A.D. 400

Poet as Orpheus with Two Sirens 350-300 B.C.

Lansdowne Herakles about A.D. 125

Vessel Foot with Usil about 490 B.C.

Spouted Horn with a Stag 50 B.C. - A.D. 50

Head of a Woman with Braided Hair

Bust of a Young Athlete

Mosaic Corner Panel A.D. 300-400

The Marbury Hall Zeus

Altars with Aphrodite and Adonis 400-375 B.C.

Wander through the beautifully arranged 23 permanent galleries and 5 additional galleries devoted to changing exhibitions.

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