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Fun and Informative Taste of Tucson Downtown Tour

Sherry Weiss at Taste of Tucson Downtown takes you on a fascinating four hour guided walking tour of historic downtown Tucson. Along the way you learn about the architecture, historical facts and local culture with stops at downtown eateries for small plate tastings. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Round trip tickets are provided on the Modern Streetcar.

The restaurants change from tour to tour but on the day we went we were able to taste at Agustin Kitchen, Miss Saigon, Nook, Charro Steak and Maynards Market & Kitchen.

Agustin Kitchen specializing in creative farm to table cuisine with ethically sourced meats and seafood and organic and/or local produce.

Calamari with sweet peppers.

Fiore Di Capra Goat Brulee with cranberry and ancho citrus compote.

Nook An Urban Kitchen has New American Cuisine

The owners Nikki & Matt Thompson served up some Holla Peno burger meatballs, Cinnamon roll griddlecakes and fancy grilled cheese with swiss and prosciutto.

At Miss Saigon we were able to sample the spring roll with shrimp and peanut sauce and a meatball soup in beef broth.

The beautiful restaurant Charro Steak owned by the same family who owns El Charro Café which started in 1922 and is America’s oldest Mexican Restaurant.

At Charro we had a sampler platter with mini chimi and carne seca meatball with prickly pear glaze.

Maynards Market & Kitchen is located in the historic train depot. We had the pleasure of sitting in this 1940 style building at the community table of ponderosa pine and enjoying our final meal of the tour which was a delicious cheesecake with some of Maynard’s famous coffee.

In addition to the delicious food servings you also learn about the history of Tucson such as the importance of the Southern Pacific Railroad which connected Tucson with the rest of the country on March 20 1880.

See the locomotive on display at the museum next to Maynards. It traveled over 1,000,000 miles mostly in southern Arizona and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Climb in for an inside tour and a chance to ring the bell.

Along the way you learn such interesting facts about Tucson such as it’s 4000 year history of farming thanks to the Santa Cruz River, now a dry riverbed due to overuse.

See some of the murals in Tucson.

The historic Fox Theatre with it’s southwest art deco style.

Stars are donors who helped with the Fox Theatre renovation.

John Dillinger and his gang’s capture in Tucson.

The main library scupture by David Black “Sonora” depicting a spirit hole, mountains, feathers, kivas, dust devil and water flowing through sabino canyon.

The historic Hotel Congress built in 1919. Here you learn about the haunted rooms, The Tap Room, murals by Joe Pagac, the hotel fire in 1934 and the capture of Dillinger’s gang with bags of guns and cash.

Contact Sherry at Taste of Tucson Downtown and take the tour.


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