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The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in Arizona

This is the 62nd Annual Arabian Horse Show & Expo presented by the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona.

Take a behind the scenes barn tour.

The Arabian Horse is the oldest pure breed of horse. The first breeders were the Bedouins in the Middle East. The blood of the Arabian Horse has been preserved for over 5000 years as the Bedouin tribes kept the breed pure looking for stamina, speed and disposition. Average weight of an Arabian Horse is 1000 pounds and height is between 14.2 and 15.2 hands.

The Half-Arabian Horse has one purebred Arabian parent.

Some qualities of the Arabian Horse is intelligence, stamina and trainability. Top prizes in 100 mile endurance races go to Arabian Horses most of the time.

Show classes include English, hunter and western pleasure, cutting, reining, jumping and dressage to name a few.

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