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We loved the Sandmans New Europe Tour of Edinburgh Scotland!

Take the free 2.5 hour Sandmans New Europe Tour of Edinburgh Scotland

We enjoyed our tour of Edinburgh with our enthusiastic guide Jen.

St Giles Cathedral founded in 1124.

Visit John Knox's grave in parking space no 23.

He was a Protestant Reformer who died in 1572.

Heart of Midlothian near St Giles High Kirk. It marks the 15th century position of the center of town, a prison and a site of public hangings.

David Hume (May 7 1711 – August 25 1776) Scottish philosopher, historian, economist and essayist.

Rub his toe for good luck.

The Writers Museum in Lady Stair's House built in 1622.

Wardrop’s Court with dragons from the 1890’s. Leads to Makars’ Court, a public space next to Writers Museum.

Greyfriars Kirkyard.

There have been graveyard burials here since 16th century.

Greyfriars Bobby headstone marks where officer John Gray’s loyal terrier is buried. The dog guarded the grave of his master for 14 years and is a popular story in Scotland.

Bedlam Theatre in a former Neogothic church built in the 1840’s

Take the free 2.5 hour Sandmans New Europe Tour of Edinburgh which includes the following:

  • Edinburgh Castle

  • St Giles’ Cathedral

  • Heart of Midlothian

  • The real Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

  • William Wallace and the Stone of Destiny

  • Greyfriars Kirkyard (cemetery) and Greyfriars Bobby

  • The Royal Mile

  • Edinburgh’s Old Town

  • Mercat Cross

  • National Museum

  • Covenanters’ Prison

  • Martyrs’ Memorial

  • The Scottish Writers Museum

  • Grassmarket

  • The original ‘Hogwarts’

  • The Hub

...and much more!

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