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Visit the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild Venues in Ireland

Thank you to the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild for a fascinating day visiting the ten Whiskey Guild Venues and the beautiful city of Kilkenny.

We started off our journey with a lunch of fish and chips at Langton’s Hotel which is also a busy bar and restaurant.

We enjoyed talking to Pawel at The Wine Cellar who introduced us to one of our favorite whiskeys - Red Breast.

Tom at Lanigans let us try a few single malts and we loved reading the descriptions:

Dingle Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey

“This Kerry single malt is described as malty, smooth, delicate, velvety having aged in bourbon casks in the uniquely mild, moist, maritime microclimate of Dingle. Perfumed with cut grass, citrus, even with a touch of liquoirce.”

Connemara Peated Single Malt

“Connemara is rare among Irish whiskey. It’s a lovely malty whiskey with Cooley’s signature honey and pearl notes as well as a beautiful waft of smoke. Enticingly smokey with some pear and apple followed by some subtle dried fruit aromas.”

At the Hibernian Bar Dick Manogue talked about the Middleton Dair Ghaelach and the use of Irish oak.

Bryan at Paris Texas let us sample a very nice Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

Other venues along the Kilkenny Whiskey Guild Trail included

The Left Bank

The Dylan Whiskey Bar

We enjoyed walking along the street of this city which was one the medieval capital of Ireland.

Take a break from the whiskey tastings and head over to The Castle and The Medieval Mile Museum.

The original Anglo-Norman stone castle was built during the 13th century. Then it was a residence of the Butler family for 600 years . It was thengiven to the people of Kilkenny and is now cared for by the Office of Public Works.

The Medieval Mile Museum is Kilkenny’s newest visitor attraction. This beautiful modern museum is inside the 13th century St Mary’s church and graveyard. It does a wonderful job of showcasing 800 years of artifacts, including the largest collection of Renaissance tombs.

Kilkenny is just a short train ride from Dublin and we loved spending the day in this spectacular special city.

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