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Visit the OdySea Aquarium in the Scottsdale Arizona desert!

OdySea in the Desert

A fun and educational experience for the whole family.

Located in Scottsdale Arizona the OdySea Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the desert southwest with two million gallons of water, 60 exhibits, 500 species and 30,000 sea creatures.

As you enter the Aqua Lobby look up to see the nine globe aquariums hanging from the ceiling.

There are so many interesting exhibits to enjoy.

Rivers of the World to see piranhas, turtles and alligator gar.

Reef Jewels takes you through the Great Barrier Reef Tunnel.

The Living Sea Carousel was fabulous and takes you on a 20 minute 360 degree ride viewing sea turtles, sting rays, sharks and sea lions.

Ride the escalator encased through a tube with sharks, rays and other fish swimming overhead.

There is a daily schedule of events with Animal Care Specialists talking about the otters, penguins, sharks and a variety of different fish.

Visit The Touch Pool which is 37 feet long and lets you get close to passing rays.

See there 3D Theatre showing the huge humpback whales and whale sharks.

And don't miss the SeaTrek Experience which allows you to walk under water!

Some photos courtesy of OdySea Aquarium

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