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Visit the historic Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh Scotland

The historic fortress perched on Castle Rock towers above the city of Edinburgh. There has been a royal castle at this location since the 12th century. The castle is Scotland’s most visited paid tourist attraction.

The sweeping panoramic views of Edinburgh are stunning.

Argyle Battery

“This six gun battery together with Mill’s Mount Battery (to the west) and the low defenses below it were the main northern defense of the castle.

It was rebuilt in the 1730’s to its present condition and each turret houses a cast iron, muzzle-loading 18 pound gun made during the Napoleonic Wars about 1810.” Edinburgh Castle

The Royal Palace makes up the residence of the Stewart kings and queens in the 15th and 16th centuries, the birth place of King James VI in 1566 and the home of the Scottish Crown Jewels.

The Honours: The Scottish Crown Jewels

The crown, scepter and sword of state used in the coronation of Mary Queen of Scots in 1543 are displayed in the ancient crown room.

Kings Birth Chamber

“In 1617, the artist John Anderson painted the room to commemorate James’s birth. He included a magnificent coat of arms.” Edinburgh Castle

Laich Hall

“This room was remodeled as a dining hall for James VI’s entourage to mark the King’s golden jubilee.”

The 15th century fireplace and James’s coat of arms as the first king of Great Britain and Ireland, a Scottish unicorn joined by an English lion to support it. “Edinburgh Castle

The Queen’s Embroideries

Replicas of needlework made by Mary Queen of Scots during her exile in England in 1568.

“These replicas were made by the School of Ancient Crafts using authentic materials, tools and techniques. They took 33 volunteers 7,337 hours of work to complete in 2017.” Edinburgh Castle

James VI 1566-1625

Painting by Adrian Vanson about 1585

“This is a rare image of James VI as King of Scotland – most of his surviving portraits date from after he became King of England in 1603. The picture was most likely painted for marriage negotiations with the Danish crown in 1585. The exchange of portraits was an important part of securing marriage alliances between European royal families.” Edinburgh Castle

Anne of Denmark 1574-1619

Oil painting by Jan van Belcamp, copy of an original by Paul van Somer, 1617.

Anne married James IV in 1589.

The Scottish National War Memorial

Great Hall 1503-13

“Built for King James IV as a majestic setting for ceremonial occasions converted in 1650 into a solders’ barracks by Oliver Cromwell. Restored in 1887 and used today for state and royal functions.” Edinburgh Castle

Forewall Battery 1544

“Rebuilt by King James James V on the line of the medieval defenses the guns were made about 1810.” Edinburgh Castle

St Margaret’s Chapel

“This holy place is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. King David built the chapel in about 1130 probably as part of a great stone tower. He dedicated it to his saintly mother, Margaret.” Edinburgh Castle

St Margaret depicted in a window of St Margaret’s Chapel.

The stained glass windows were made by Douglas Strachan in 1922.

This stained glass window by Douglas Strachan was made to commemorate depicting William Wallace.

Looking out onto the ramparts with Mons Meg

Mons Meg The largest gun ever fired in anger on British soil. With her 20” wide barrel. It was built to smash castle walls. “The French Duke of Burgundy paid the gunsmith Jehan Cambier to make the gun in 1449. The barrel was formed from iron rods bound together with 37 white-hot iron hoops that were hammered into position.” Edinburgh Castle

Mons Meg was made from wrought iron near the city of Mons, now in Belgium, in 1449.

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Regimental Museum

Military Prison 1842 “A small Victorian prison built to house offending soldiers from the castle garrison and those of visiting regiments. Closed in 1923 when the garrison marched out.” Edinburgh Castle

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