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We loved the fun and informative Palm Springs Windmill Tour!

Photo courtesy of Palm Springs Windmill Tours

On the tour you get exclusive “behind the gates” access from the longest continuously operating windmill tour business in the world. Visit this modern wind turbine farm in the with educational tours dedicated to wind energy.

Randy was our guide and he did a great job of sharing his knowledge about windmills, alternative energy and the history of the Coachella Valley in simple terms for everyone to understand. This was a fun, interesting and informative tour.

The tour starts off with a presentation in the visitor center about the history of windmills.

The Storm Master 60kW Turbine

The Carter 25kW Wind Turbine

The Jacobs 20kWTurbine

Right outside the visitor center you can see older blades and generator boxes. There are also some experimental machines that were not up to the process of harnessing wind and turning it into mechanical power. Some early models were made of wood or fiberglass.

A shuttle van takes you through the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Park to see these windmill giants up close. There are about 2100 wind turbines – fewer than a few years ago as the newer models are larger and more efficient.

Photo courtesy of Palm Springs Windmill Tours

Photo courtesy of Palm Springs Windmill Tours

Photo courtesy of Palm Springs Windmill Tours

The windmills are owned by different companies including the government. They rotate and are able to catch the wind from any direction and they are able to shut down if there is too much wind to avoid damage.

“The only tour that goes inside the wind farm’s fences.

The only tour endorsed by the Desert Wind Energy Association.

The only tour in the valley with a Trip Advistor Certificate of Excellence and a 5 Star Yelp rating.

The two hour tour includes...

A full view behind the fence in an air conditioned luxury bus.

Up close examination of the enormous and beautiful windmills.

Walk through the implement yard and see the top of the windmill from the ground.

The most knowledgeable and experienced guide in town.

Visits to solar and natural gas facilities.

The most delicious date shake in the valley.”

The tour ends up at the Windmill Market for complimentary date shakes. Dates are the largest cash crop with 95 % of the dates consumed in the USA grown here in the Coachella Valley.

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