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Images of Dublin Ireland

Temple Bar

Leo Burdock for fish and chips

Thomas Moore

Molly Malone

The Volunteers by Joe Caslin at Trinity College

Lecky at Trinity College

The Book of Kells is a 9th century illuminated Gospel book containing the four Gospels of the New Testament. This Gospel book is known for it’s extravagance and the complex designs. ​

The Long Room Trinity College

“Under the 1801 Copyright Act Trinity College was designated as an Irish legal deposit library entitled to a copy of every book published on the two islands. The storage problem this caused, coupled with the dilapidated state of the roof of the Old Library, led to a decision taken in the late 1850’s to raise and repair the roof. The inspired design by architects Thomas Deane and Benjamin Woodward was accepted by the board. A new roof with a barrel vaulted ceiling sheeted in oak (which replaced the original flat plaster ceiling), and transverse bookcases on the remodeled gallery, were completed by May 1861. Today the Long Room measures 63.7 metres long, 12.2 metres wide, and 14.2 metres high. “ Trinity College

“ A collection of 38 marble busts ranges down both sides of the Long Room. The subjects include classical and early-modern figures, as well as prominent individuals with Trinity College associations. In 1743 Claudius Gilbert left a bequest for the purchase of 14 busts of men “eminent for learning to adorn the library’; eight of these, including Homer, Shakespeare and James Ussher, were signed by Flemish sculptor Peter Scheemakers. The French sculptor Louis Francois Roubiliac may have executed the other six, including Aristotle, Isaac Newton and Robert Boyle. These busts, along with Roubiliac’s bust of Jonathan Swift, were in place by March 1749.” Trinity College

The Long Room Trinity College

Death Mask of Jonathan Swift

“A death mask is made by applying plaster to the face of a deceased person to capture an exact likeness. Such masks were sometimes made as relics or souvenirs. This mask, signed by the maker Del Veccho (?Del Vecchio), was originally in the possession of Oscar Wilde’s father, the surgeon Sir William Wilde, author of The Closing Years of Dean Swift’s Life (1849). The colour is the result of the application to the original mask of a flesh-coloured paint which has since darkened. “ Trinity College

The Proclamation of 1916

“This is one of the dozen or so survivors of the original printing of 2500 made in Liberty Hall on Easter Sunday morning, 23 April 1916, by Michael Molloy and Liam O’Brien, compositors, and Christopher Brady, printer, on an old battered Wharfdale Double-Crown machine with type supplied by William Henry West of Capel Street, and Englishman and a rebel, and on paper from Saggart Mills.” Trinity College

Ha’penny Bridge

Garden of Remembrance Dedicated to those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom

Glasnevin Cemetery

“Glasnevin Cemetery received its first burial through the original entrance at Prospect Square in 1832. Since then over one million people have been buried here: famous historical figures, artists, poets, politicians, musicians and thousands and thousands of ordinary Irish men, women and children. From its original nine acres through the gate at Prospect Square, it now covers almost one hundred and twenty-four acres. From here you can see Glasnevin’s great landmark, the O’Connell Tower, under which the remains of Daniel O’Connell and ten of his descendants rest.” Glasnevin Cemetery

Fallon & Byrne

Tommy Graham with Historical Walking Tours of Dublin

City Hall

Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Fish on a Bicycle ad

Christ Church Cathedral

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