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Visit Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula California for a delicious lunch and wine tasting experience

Located on 315 pristine acres in the heart of Temecula Wine Country, Mount Palomar Winery is a destination within a destination. Mount Palomar Winery is an estate that has 55 acres of vineyards currently in production nestled in the lush hills overlooked by the Palomar Mountains. Established in 1969, the first vintage was produced in 1975 and they were the first winery in the region to introduce Mediterranean grapes to the Temecula Valley. Today featuring second generation leadership, Mount Palomar Winery has been recognized with numerous awards including Best of Show, Best of Class and Gold Medals at numerous wine exhibitions and shows throughout the years.

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A day trip to the award-winning Mount Palomar Winery includes wine tasting in the Cava di Vino, the oldest wine cave in Temecula Valley.

This completely underground cave adds to the ambiance of a tasting adventure that features a range of fine wines with emphasis on classic Bordeaux style blends and Italian varieties.

Along with a 30-year history of producing Port, Solera Cream Sherry is aged in one of the oldest, if not the oldest Sherry Solera in the United States. This exquisitely American Cream Sherry is aged for a minimum of 5 years in the California sun.

The Winery bottles under two main brands, Mount Palomar and Castelletto as a tribute to their Italian Heritage and the Tuscany style architecture and grounds of this taste of Italy in California. The craftsmanship of wine making is evident in facilities which include equipment for crushing and fermenting grapes. A barrel aging program in four cellars and a complete bottling production facility. Stocked with modern equipment integrated with centuries of wine making techniques the Mount Palomar Winery produces complex blended wines as well as single bottle reserve wines which are available to its wine club members.

After you complete your wine tasting adventure under the guidance of the knowledgeable friendly staff in the Cava di Vino, it’s time to explore the grounds of this Tuscan inspired Estate. Take your last glass of wine from the tasting on a stroll across the patio to take in the statues and fountains as you make your way up the Grand Staircase to the Outdoor Reception Venue. An ideal location for an enchanting beautiful Wedding or private event. The winery hosts their own special dinner theater productions in this wide-open venue with Italian accents and vibes. Check the schedule in case one is scheduled around the time of your visit.

Annata Bistro/Bar

Lunch at Annata Bistro/Bar

Charcuterie Board

Slow Roasted Short Ribs

Across the patio from the Cava di Vino you can complete your visit to Mount Palomar with Wine Country Dining at the onsite Annata Bistro/Bar. Featuring floor to ceiling windows, this bright panoramic open dining experience is complimented by one of the Valley’s few full-service bars. The menu of the Annata Bistro/Bar is an exciting International twist on American Fusion, featuring unique appetizers, enchanting salads, Italian inspired flatbread, sandwiches, full entrees and a children’s menu. Open daily, except holidays, the bistro offers all day service till 6 PM on weekdays and 7 Pm on weekends. Large and airy, it is a popular location that attracts diners from throughout the Valley. Reservations are not necessary but are welcomed.

The exhilarating location of Mount Palomar Winery coupled with its detailed Tuscany inspired architecture, statuary, fountains and landscaping makes it a fascinating location for photography. Sceneries accented by the rich colors of the California sky, including sunrise and sunset are astoundingly spectacular.

Mount Palomar featuring foothills and vineyards, snow capped mountains, panoramic valley views has become such a haven for photographers that the Winery has now included private photography sessions as part of their offerings. Private Venue Photography Sessions begin with 2 hour sessions and can include an optional changing suite for wedding photography, special occasions, family portraits and professional modeling photography.

Mount Palomar Winery s at the top of the list for a fairy tale wedding. The European ambiance, nature endowed beauty, fine wine and cuisine makes the Estate a Wedding Venue fit for royalty. From Romantically intimate to lavishly spectacular, the grounds of the Mount Palomar Winery offer a wedding setting that will never be forgotten with a picture perfect location that will make your wedding album a work of art.

The Hosts of Mount Palomar Winery are always looking for new and exciting ways to share their enchantingly exhilarating property, remember to check the Mount Palomar Blog for interesting events on the schedule, including the new Paint Nite Parties now taking place. Dinner Theater Productions, Murder Mystery Nights, Special Wine Tastings are all some of the many events that are happening at Mount Palomar Winery. Story written by Daniel Dachille and Laine Page

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