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We loved EVERYTHING about our stay at this beautiful resort -InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu

Marseille is officially the sunniest city in France, recording an average of 2900 hour of sunshine compared to the average of 1950 hours throughout France. This Port City in the South of France attracts over 750,000 cruise ship visitors per year and is the most visited city in France. Marseille enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild, humid winters and warm dry summers, making it a year-round favorite for tourists.

Tourists relish in the sunny beaches, history, architecture and cultural experiences of Marseille. Marseille is the home to numerous cafes and restaurants that feature some of the finest cuisine in France. Once the home of light manufacturing, Marseille has developed into a service-based economy with high tech firms making their headquarters throughout the city.

Luxury Hotels in Marseille are located throughout the historic city that dates to 600 BC. Many hotels occupy refurbished historic buildings from its over 2000-year history. None occupy a more historic building then the InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu. This 5 Star luxury hotel is located on the site of Saint-Espirit Hospital, which was created in 1188. Over the next 600 years the hospital underwent numerous expansions. The current building was inaugurated in 1866 by Napoleon III. The hospital served its last patients in 1993, in 2003 the hospital building was acquired for redevelopment.

This magnificent building was reopened in 2013 as the InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu which features 194 rooms and suites. The various reconstruction projects over 800 years featured French Baroque Architecture, French Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Second Empire Style. The interior of the InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu has been lavishly decorated in wide open expansive spaces accented with modern furniture and décor designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel. The resort is a member of InterContinental Hotels Group’s Green Engage which means it monitors energy, water and waste and finds ways to improve it’s energy conservation.

Private terrace

Rooms are decorated in French details, including white leather headboards, embroidered throws and old-style bathtubs. All the suites and 72 of the rooms overlook Vieux-Port, while 33 of the rooms include private terraces. The Prestige Suites offer views of both Vieux-Port and Notre-Dame de la Garde. A large 750-meter public terrace offers breathtaking views of Marseille and features the Hotels’ Bar Le Capian, (Capian Bar). We were very fortunate to be able to enjoy an Executive King Harbor View Terrace room which was spectacular.

The InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu is ideally located within walking distance to some of the important sights around this historic living city. Within a ten-minute walk of your room at the InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu is the iconic MuCEM museum, art at the Musée Regards de Provence and a host of specialty boutiques that feature local Savon de Marseille and lavender that are other important products of this port city. You are close to the Vieux Port where you can take the ferry to Calanques National Park.

Spa by Clarins

As a guest of InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu, be sure to make friends with the Chef Concierge who is indispensable in making the most of your days. The Concierge can not only point you to the various amenities on site which include the fitness room, the indoor pool and the stunning SPA by Clarins, but help you plan your day discovering, shopping and dining in this expansive exciting city.

Les Fenetres Brasserie

Throughout the City of Marseille, delectable cuisine for any taste is available, from extravagant chefs to homemade local favorites, food is part of the history of this seaport destination. When staying at the InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu, you don’t even have to leave the Hotel to experience award winning dining. The InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu is home to Les Fenêtres Brasserie and Alcyone Restaurant, each with their own ambience and featured cuisine.

Les Fenetres Brasserie

Chef Sylvain

Bouillabaisse Milkshake

Les Fenêtres Brasserie takes its name from the arched windows of the hotel’s building. Billed as a Provencal and Modern Brewery by Chef Lionel Levy, this casual intimate dining space includes a painted stone wall and designer lamps and features local cuisine that highlights the chef’s affection for his hometown. Reinterpreting local cuisine Chef Lionel Levy presents his versions of fresh Mediterranean dishes popular in Marseille including the famed milkshake de bouillabaisse. The dining room of Les Fenêtres Brasserie is extended out to the Grand Terrace in the summer, for dining with a view, morning, noon and evening.

Sunday brunch at Les Fenetres Brasserie

Sunday brunch at Les Fenetres Brasserie

Thank you Head Pastry Chef Yoan Dessarzin for such beautiful desserts!

Sunday brunch is not to be missed at Les Fenetres Braisserie. Here you can enjoy everything Marseille has to offer. Sea bass, mussels, shrimp, oysters, a fine selection of artisan cheeses, grilled beef and duck and chicken, a selection of salads and a room full of beautifully delicious desserts. Offered every Sunday 12:30-3:00pm.

Alcyone Restaurant

The formal dining room of the InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu houses the Alcyone Restaurant decorated in warm colors and offering a view of Old Port. Named after Alcyone, daughter of Aeolus, master of the wind, in Greek Myology, this is where Chef Lionel Levy explores the emotions of his culinary expertise. Inspired by the spices and fresh quality foods of the Mediterranean, Chef Levy brings you cascading through the meal from appetizers to desserts fit for royalty. From Tuesday through Saturday Alcyone Restaurant offers a 5 Course menu accompanied by wines chosen by the sommelier for a once in a lifetime experience. Dishes include Steamed veal shank with Timut berries, pickled cucumbers and broccoli, Roasted scallops, white licorice butter, "pebbles" of chervils, Fillet of beef from Galicia, béarnaise of yesteryear, pressed potatoes with black truffle, and other creative, innovative dishes from the imagination of the Chef.

Le Capian bar

For an intimate evening the InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu is also the home of the trendiest bar in Marseille, Le Capian bar, named after the wooden piece that protrudes from the iconic fishing boats of the ports, this elegant, contemporized setting extends out to the Grand Terrace seasonally. Noted for its views of Old Port facing Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde in summer, Le Capian bar was popularized by award-winning chef-barman both nationally and internationally Xavier Gilly. The Cocktail Master is noted for the 50 unique cocktails and a menu of over 200 spirits from around the world.

Selections at Le Capian include, Mojitos, Tikis, Reinvented Classic Cocktails, Champagne Cocktails, Gin Cocktails, Tequila Cocktails, Mocktails and of course one of a kind Signature Cocktails. Hours at Le Capian is an excellent way to cap off a day of exploring Marseille before settling in to the luxury and tranquility of your room at InterContinental Marseille Hotel Dieu.

Thank you to Marion Sardou, Marketing & Communications Executive

Story by Daniel Dachille and Laine Page

Some photos courtesy InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu

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