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Images of Los Angeles, California

The "City of Angels" is the second largest city in the United States after that of New York City. It is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and sprawling suburbs. With a population of over four million, it is located in a basin surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and mountains over 10,000 feet. The economy of Los Angeles includes an extensive range of cultural and professional fields making this city a powerful economic engine for the whole country.

InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

Walt Disney Concert Hall

MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art

Joan Miro Personnages dans la Nuit 1950

Max Ernst Capricorn 1948-63

Alberto Giacometti Tall Figure II, 1960 Tall Figure III, 1960

John Chamberlain Red Beatts, 1988

Claes Oldenburg 1961

Roy Lichtenstein Desk Calendar, 1962

Roy Lichtenstein Man with Folded Arms, 1962

Roy Lichtenstein The Grip, 1962

Ree Morton Too Beautiful 1975

Joan Semmel Self-Made 1980

Barbara T. Smith Maniac, 1984

JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live

WP24 in the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live

JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live

Hyatt Regency LAX


Union Station

The Broad

Chris Burden Urban Light 2008

Fun Facts from Oh Fact!

When Los Angeles was founded, the city’s first name was “El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de Los Angeles Sobre el Rio Porciuncula.” This, when translated from Spanish, reveals a beautiful meaning, “The town of our Lady Queen of the angels on the Porciuncula River.”

Los Angeles is the place to be. It is the only city in North America to have hosted the Summer Olympics twice. It would also host the 2028 Olympics.

Los Angeles houses more than 105 museums, 225 theaters, 55 magnificent structures by the world’s best architects. The city is also home to 16 of the world’s most beautiful gardens. It also has more than 1,500 theatrical productions taking place every year.

The City of Angels is so diverse that it is home to people from more than 140 countries who speak over 200 different languages. One can experience different cultures and languages by visiting nearby towns such as Chinatown, Korea Town, Little Tokyo, Little Ethiopia, Thai Town, and Little Armenia, etc.

LAX or Los Angeles International Airport is the largest and busiest airports in California and 2nd busiest airport in the U.S. behind Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson. It is the 4th busiest airport in the world.

September 4, 1781, is the official birthdate of Los Angeles when 44 village settlers from the Mexican provinces of Sonora and Sinaloa made their home in what is now Downtown Los Angeles.

With the first ARPANET transmission, which was sent from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to SRI in Menlo Park in 1969, Los Angeles became the birthplace of the Internet.

The Coral Tree (Erythrina caffra) is the official tree of Los Angeles. The tree is native to Southeastern Africa and is often cultivated in India.

The official flower of Los Angeles is the Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae). The plant is indigenous to South Africa.

With more than 841 museum and art galleries, Los Angeles has more museums per capita than any other city in the world.

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