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We attended the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show February 14-24, 2019 – Westworld, Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show

February 14-24, 2019 – Westworld, Scottsdale, Arizona

It is thought that the lineage of the Arabian horse dates back 4500 years. Treated like family by the wandering Bedouin people horses were brought into the sleeping tent for protection and shelter. The Arabian horse developed a strong bond with humans exhibiting an alert spirit coupled with a sensitivity that made them quick to learn with a willingness to please. Arabian horses intuitively responded to the commands of their owners and riders making them assets in battle.

Over the years the Arabian horses were bred for selective traits, today they dominate throughout the world on the disciplined competitive horse circuit. Selective breeding has made the Arabian Horse a specialist in events such as reining, endurance riding and horse racing. Certified Arabian horses must conform to a strict size standard.

The world’s largest Arabian Horse Show takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. In 2019 the 64th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show will take place from February 14-24 at Westworld of Scottsdale located at 16601 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. It is estimated that the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show drives $52 million throughout the local economy.

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is considered the Super Bowl of the Arabian Horse Circuit. At the first Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in 1955, fifty horses trained by a dozen trainers were featured. Today more that 2200 horses and 1300 owners participate in this ten-day event attended by visitors from around the world.

Everyone is familiar with the Horse Racing Triple Crown; the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is considered the first leg of the triple crown for competitive Arabian Horses. The other two legs of the triple crown for competitive Arabian horses are The Canadian and US National Arabian Championships. The Arabian Horse Association of Arizona donates millions of dollars from the proceeds of the show to various charities.

Visitors to the ten-day Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show will be one of over a quarter of a million people who attend this world-renowned event. Worldwide television feeds of the first leg of the Arabian Horse Triple Crown boasts a viewership of almost a half a million.

Along with the competition for Horse and Rider, the 10-day extravagance features shopping and events for all ages. A sampling of events that take place outside of the judging arena include:

  • Behind the Scenes Barn Tours

  • Family Fun Zone

  • Fantasy Stables Board Games – Horse Themed Games (ages 4-14)

  • Wells Fargo Stage Coach Photos

  • Horse Grounds Tours

  • Liberty Wildlife Live Animal and Educational Display

  • Meet an Arabian Horse

  • Ice Cream Social

  • Cowboy Church with Pastor Isaac Murtin

  • Pony Rides

  • Petting Zoo

  • Ceramic Horse Painting – Offered FREE to the first 400 children

Each day of the 10-day Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show there is a schedule of events. It is recommended to review the schedule ahead of time so that you can plan to be at the events that you want to attend for yourself and children at the appropriate time and location throughout the Westworld facility.

The main event for Arabian horse enthusiasts, equestrians and fans of both are the competitions. The organizer of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona, a non-profit educational enterprise that fosters and protects the integrity of the breed, owners and trainers. Prizes vary by competition and age group. The Friends of Vail Foundation will be offering six $1,000 scholarships to Youth riders who compete. It is advised to check the schedule for times of events throughout the competition. The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show also provides a detailed list of prize money for each category.

The top prize of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is awarded to the “Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champion”.

The Competitive Events include:

  1. Halter Championships

  2. Mounted Native Costume

  3. English Pleasure

  4. Dressage

  5. Show hack

  6. Hunter/Jumper

  7. Pleasure driving

  8. Western Pleasure

  9. Working western division

  10. Working Cow horse

For the equestrian rider, buff and novice alike, the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is a chance to be a part of a horse show that is revered around the world. For those who have only a cursory knowledge of horses the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is your opportunity to begin learning about horses by encountering the best horses, trainers and competitors in the world.

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show offers comprehensive information on the website about the show and events that occur throughout this ten-day happening. A list of suggested accommodations is also available on the website with listings ranging from RV parks to 5 Star resorts throughout the Scottsdale area if you want to attend the horse show of horse shows.

Story by Daniel Dachille

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