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Visit the spectacular Gouda Cheese Market every Thursday morning in April – August each year in Goud

Gouda is a city in South Holland founded as a settlement during the Middle Ages. With a continuous history that traces its city charter to 1272, today Gouda is a thriving city seeped in history. Often thought of as the home to cheese, Gouda is also famous for its historic churches, buildings, stroopwafels, smoking pipes, pottery as well as its candles. Gouda cheese is produced in the surrounding countryside, its name comes from the Gouda Cheese Market which is active to this day.

When visiting the City of Gouda between April and August you should plan to be there for a Thursday morning. It is on Thursday mornings that a tradition that dates to 1395 takes place in the city hall plaza, The Gouda Cheese Market.

Cheese is one of Holland’s biggest exports, the city of Gouda is synonymous with cheese. The Gouda Cheese Market is a living testament to an effective free market. Gouda cheese is not produced in the city. It is produced by farmers large and small from throughout the surrounding valley, known as the cheese valley. The name Gouda Cheese comes from the name of the marketplace, not the product’s origin.

The Gouda Cheese Market is a step back in time. Farmers from around the region deliver their cheese by horse and wagon to the marketplace. Wheels of farm fresh cheese are traded in an open-air setting. Each transaction is completed by the clap of hands. This spectacle of cheese transactions happening in individual sales is an historical tradition that is almost theatrical in nature.

If you are an avid fan of museums, the Gouda Cheese Market is a living museum, maintaining the centuries old tradition of cheese trading in the heart of the historical city of Gouda.

From the Welcome to Gouda Website:

Weekly on Thursday, starting from Apr 4, 2019, until Aug 29, 2019 Start time: 10:00 - End time: 12:30

The GOUDA CHEESE MARKET is a spectacular historic and nostalgic scene.

If you would like to visit the cheese market, make sure you are on time. In good weather, the event at the Markt attracts many visitors. The traditional cheese market takes place every Thursday morning from 10.00 to 12.30 hrs, during the period from 4 April to 29 August (except on Ascension Day, 30 May). As in past times, the farmers and traders seal their bargains for the best cheeses through clapping hands. Besides the world-renowned cheese, you can also shop at the stalls filled with regional products. Besides the cheese trade and making of cheese, there is also a crafts market (from 28 June).

There is also plenty to do in Gouda in the afternoons. For example, you can go on a boat trip through the canals or join the Gouda Guides Guild. At Syrup Waffles Bakery Van Vliet you can take part in a syrup waffle baking workshop. Or do the Beer-Wine-Cheese battle at Museumhavencafe/IJsselhuis and discover which combination tastes best. Go to the Event Calendar at for the full programme, or go to VVV Gouda in the Goudse Waag for more information and fees.

Every Thursday Gouda activities: - Gouds Holland Classic Fietstour | 13.00 uur | 150-180 min | €30,- - Syrup Waffle Factory | 10.00 uur - 17.00 uur | 60 min | €8,95 - *Walking tour with guide | Goudse Gidsen Gilde | 13.00 uur | 90 min | €4,- - Punselie Cookie Company (11 apr, 2, 9 + 16 may, 6 + 20 jun, 4 + 18 jul | 9.30 uur - 12.00 uur | 30 min | €7,80 - *Boat tour Gouda canals | 13.30 uur & 15.30 uur | 90 min | €10 - *Workshop bake your own syrup waffle | 15.00 uur | 45 min | €5,75 - Beer, wine en cheese battle | 15.30 uur | 75 min | €18,50 - Museum Gouda | 'Gouda Cheese' | 11.00 uur - 17.00 uur | € 11 - *Gouda Cheese Express Tour | jul+ aug | tot 12.30 uur/ 20 min | €7,50 - Gouda tour by bike taxi | €17,50 | 30 min | Opstappen bij De Waag *Information and tickets available at the tourist office.

Story by Daniel Dachille and Welcome To Gouda

Voice over by Jim Reynolds

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