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Aria Las Vegas Resort

ARIA Fine Art Collection

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ARIA Resort & Casino

As you explore the treasures of ARIA, pause and make note of the unprecedented public art collection sprinkled throughout our property. Featuring commissioned works by artists such as Maya Lin and Jenny Holzer, as well as existing pieces by Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg and more, ARIA offers you a world of captivating pieces around every corner.

The first major permanent collection of art in Las Vegas to be integrated into a public space, the ARIA Fine Art Collection is one of the world’s largest and most ambitious corporate collections. The ARIA Fine Art Collection features work by acclaimed painters, sculptors and installation artists, including Maya Lin, Jenny Holzer, Nancy Rubins, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Frank Stella, Henry Moore, James Turrell and Richard Long, among others.The ARIA Fine Art Collection encompasses a multitude of styles and media engaging visitors on a visual and intellectual level. Some were existing pieces, carefully chosen for their artistic value and cultural significance; others are site-specific installations for which the artist commanded their vision over the space.Fully integrated into the architecture and design of the ARIA Campus, guests can interact with important works of art in the living, breathing spaces of ARIA’s public areas, hotels and residential common spaces. From vibrant and ornate to intimate and serene, these works were strategically placed to fascinate and educate guests

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The Shops at Crystals

A highly curated collection of over 50 of the finest luxury brands in the world, all located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

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Bellagio Las Vegas

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Bellagio Las Vegas is a AAA Five Diamond Resort & Casino with a variety of things to do on The Strip including the iconic Bellagio Fountains, Conservatory & Gardens, and "O" by Cirque du Soleil.

Each season, the enormously talented horticulturalists and designers who make up the Bellagio Conservatory team transform this 14,000-square-foot floral playground into a showcase of the distinctive sights and colors of spring, summer, fall and winter—along with a special display for Chinese New Year. When the seasons turn and the displays rotate, 90 percent of the trees, flowers and plants in the conservatory are recycled, to further celebrate our commitment to the earth.

Across the lobby from the front desk is an opening through which a glass ceiling rises up 50 feet. This is the beautiful Conservatory. The ceiling framework and beams are the sculpted green metal of oxidized copper, called verdigris, set in floral patterns.

A horticulture staff of 120 maintains the Botanical Gardens and the entire grounds of Bellagio. The staff has the ability to achieve seasonal designs by selecting flowers that complement the trees, gazebos, bridges and ponds,and can add or remove water features to enhance the seasonal effect.

The Conservatory season starts with Chinese New Year and features traditional designs of the celebration. Spring brings cherry blossoms, while the summer offers flora equally as fragrant. Orange and yellow, brown and gold are used to match the fall foliage. Following Thanksgiving weekend, the gardens are transformed for the Christmas season. Bellagio’s holiday display is one of extraordinary beauty. The wonderful fragrances and magnificent colors of the seasons take over the entire arrival experience. This ever-changing natural display is the single most significant component of Bellagio’s design, fulfilling the promise of creating the most extraordinary hotel in the world.

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CAESARS Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Enjoy a luxurious stay in Palace Tower’s stylish rooms and suites. Sleek modern décor, stone accents, luxurious furnishings and Roman-inspired artwork make every guest feel like royalty.

Leave it to Las Vegas to revolutionize the classic buffet concept. Using a $100 million budget, Bacchanal completely reinvented the traditional buffet in 2012, with modern food presentations and an upscale setting.

Now that it's been voted Best Buffet in Las Vegas by "USA Today" (more than once), the fever has caught on. Feast your eyes on the succulent presentations from your seat in the air, water, or wood-themed section of the dining rooms. Choose from hundreds of daily offerings, with many dishes uniquely displayed on small plates. Bacchanal Buffet's team of specialized chefs oversees the preparation of the majority of the food in front of the guests while cohesively working to present nine distinct restaurants in one location.

Approximately 15 daily chef's specials are added to the menu and they change depending on products, season and the chef's whims.

Can't choose between the rosemary marinated tri tip and dry rubbed smoked spare ribs? Try both! Mini salads, such as the watermelon with sweet vinegar dressing, let you try individually presented items.

Fill your plates to the top with prime rib, chilled crab legs and oysters or opt for char-grilled t-bone Australian lamb, hand-made dim sum, pho and baked-to-order chocolate lava cakes.

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The Cosmopolitan

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Art Collection

Hundreds of contemporary art works by both established and emerging artists from all over the world can be found throughout The Cosmopolitan. Designed to inspire discovery, the collection includes large-scale paintings, photography, mixed media works, sculptures, murals and more. Artists featured include Maya Hayuk, Marilyn Minter, Rosemarie Fiore, Alex Da Corte, Jonathan Borofsky, Nicola Lopez, Siobham Liddell, Sylvia Hommert and many others.

The Talon Club Collection

The Talon Club collection includes works by internationally recognized artists reflecting the playful adventure one embarks on in Las Vegas, the nostalgia of the Rat Pack era and showgirl glamour. Print works from renowned artists John Baldessari, Julian Schnabel, David Salle, Takashi Murakami and Alex Katz, among others are included. These works follow in the long tradition of artist printmaking, and are published by some of the world’s most recognized printmakers. A hand woven tapestry by John Currin and site-specific commissioned work by Ivan Navarro completes the collection.


WALLWORKS is a permanent art installation that incorporates two important genres known for bringing art into the public spaces: murals and graffiti. Murals are one of the oldest artistic forms, and graffiti is its renegade younger sibling. Work from legendary artists Shepard Fairey, RETNA, Kenny Scharf, Shinique Smith, Curtis Kulig and Stephen Powers (ESPO) transforms utilitarian spaces such as the resort’s parking garage and stairwells into colorful and thought-provoking wallscapes.

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Eataly Las Vegas at ParkMGM

Eataly Las Vegas is a vibrant Italian marketplace located inside Park MGM that features an array of cafés, counters, bars, restaurants, and market.

Two restaurants, seven take-away counters, three bars, and one open counter-to-table concept

Covering 40,000 square feet, Eataly Las Vegas is replete with enough eateries keep you coming back for more. Those familiar with Eataly will recognize some beloved classics (La Pizza e La Pasta, anyone?), in addition to some exciting new twists that are unique to Las Vegas, such as Gran Caffé Milano, our upscale, full-service bar inspired by the elegant cafés of Milano. There will also be a brand new counter-to-table concept called Cucina del Mercato.

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Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino


When a little birdie tells you that there is group of exotic birds in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, you're not hearing a fib. At the Flamingo's outdoor Wildlife Habitat, you can get up close and personal with pink flamingos, exotic ducks, koi fish and so much more.

The Wildlife Habitat may only be a few steps from the hustle-and-bustle of the resort, but you'll feel miles away. With the abundance of trees, grasslands, waterfalls, streams and brooks, you'll feel like you're in paradise. All you're missing is a drink with a little umbrella.

Upon visiting, be sure you have a fully-charged battery (and enough memory) on your camera or phone. With all the different animals dwelling in this habitat, you'll be snapping away like crazy. The bright-pink Chilean flamingos will definitely catch your attention. Native to South America, these flamingos grow to be four feet tall, weighing six pounds. Notice how their knees bend the opposite direction of ours - this allows them to sleep on one leg.

While the flamingos are probably the most recognized animals here, the Wildlife Habitat introduces visitors to a variety of exotic ducks and birds. Not only do these creatures have unique and distinct features, the male ducks are natural romantics. As you walk through the attraction, you'll read on placards that these suave birds have ways to get the ladies.

The habitat also includes the strikingly beautiful hooded merganser, the hybrid whistling duck and the common shoveler. This breed is known to swim in tight circles, making whirlpools to draw food from the bottom of the pond. Seeing the different breeds swim together and gather on the rocks is such a fun sight.

Among all of the birds, you'll also find plenty of fish, like Japanese koi and the Albino Channel (yellow) catfish. Koi fish are popular for their bright and beautiful patterns. With good care, they can live up to 60 years old. The yellow catfish can live well into their 40s. The oldest catfish in this habitat was born in 1996. Turtles show up on the edges of the pond during the warm seasons, but hibernate in the winter months.

While you're here, make sure to read about Bugsy Siegel and his ties to Las Vegas on the hotel's bronze memorial plaque. The plaque is located near the wildlife habitat by the outdoor wedding gazebo.

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The LINQ Hotel & Experience

LINQ Promenade is a dining, shopping and entertainment district.

Just when you thought the Las Vegas Strip couldn't get any more dazzling, think again.

An outdoor retail, dining and entertainment plaza, The LINQ Promenade offers several different experiences all in one place at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

The focal point is the High Roller, a 550-foot observation wheel -- the tallest in the world -- offering 360 degree views of the Las Vegas valley. Talk about being in the center of all the action!

This high-energy marketplace offers approximately 40 shops and restaurants in a 200,000-square-foot area. Restaurants and nightlife includes: Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen + Bar, Gordon The LINQ Promenade also features Brooklyn Bowl, a music venue that holds a capacity of 2,000-plus concert goers. Brooklyn Bowl has a restaurant, 32 bowling lanes, a section to watch sports during the day, nightly live performances and a nightclub area.

If you're staying on the Strip, The LINQ's convenient location is close to many hotels. Guests inside the Flamingo Las Vegas or The LINQ Hotel & Casino can walk right out into The LINQ Promenade. Even if you're just walking along the Strip, The LINQ Promenade offers easy pedestrian access -- you won't have to go out of your way to pay a visit.

A back porte cochere with valet parking accommodates those who want to avoid the Strip altogether.

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M&M's World Las Vegas

M&M's World may be the most delicious attraction in Vegas. And judging by its scores of visitors, M&M's World must be doing something right.

M&M's fun for everyone

These are just a few of the many M&M's products fit for your lifestyle.

The Traveler: Luggage, tote bags and beachwear

The Cook: Cookie cutters, aprons, measuring cups, spatulas, utensils, glassware and dishes

The Girly-girl: Lip gloss, tank tops, knee-high socks and a wide selection of the popular and sassy Green M&M

The Sports Fanatic: Soccer balls, footballs, frisbees, indoor basketballs and golf club covers

The Gambler: Roulette candy dishes, slot machine dispensers and dice

The Workaholic: Paper clips, pens, laptop covers, business card holders, tape dispensers, notepads and even a Rolodex

Stepping into M&M's World is like waking up in chocolate heaven -- four floors of chocolate heaven, that is.

If you're coming in from the Strip, you'll see the attraction's charming front window display. Once you step inside this M&M's wonderland, you'll instantly feel the energy with the bright colors, upbeat music and playful M&M's memorabilia.

On the main floor, choose from a variety of charms, mugs, personalized key chains and just about every souvenir imaginable. There's also a kiosk where you can customize your own ID tag.

The rainbow wall on the second floor features 22 different M&M's colors like teal, hot pink, lime green, gray and purple -- what a treat! A few steps away, browse through a selection of candy dispensers and T-shirts. These tees poke fun with catchy logos like "You Wanna Piece of Me?" and "Candy of the Opera."

But the fun doesn't stop here. Located on the third floor, the first-ever “My M&M’s” allows you to personalize the candies with your own custom message. You can write anything from your name to a special date or any other message that fits two lines (eight characters per line). It’s fun, easy, and only takes a couple of minutes. You can finally say this piece of chocolate has your name written all over it.

Just steps away from the "My M&M's" station, catch the digitally-remastered interactive 3-D film, "I Left My M in Vegas" in the M&M's movie theater. Enjoy a thrilling adventure with Red and Yellow as they try to reclaim Red's "M" logo he gambled away in a roulette game. Great for all ages, the free movie runs about 10 minutes long and plays throughout the day.

On the fourth and final floor, get an up-close look at an M&M's sponsored Toyota Camry race car and a bunch of NASCAR-themed M&M products like model cars and candy dispensers.

If you want to bring home some gifts, choose from a selection of stuffed M&M's dolls, alarm clocks, bathroom essentials (like shower curtains, tumbler sets and robes), apparel, M&M's Monopoly, checkers, puzzles and so much more. This trip also calls for a celebration. Buy -- and pop -- a champagne bottle filled with M&M's. These bottles look so fun and festive, you'll want to create your own occasion just so you can open it.

As you're traveling between floors by escalator, see a timeline of how the M&M's characters evolved throughout the years. These walls also showcase funny movie posters starring your favorite M&M characters.

M&M's World really brings out the kid in all of us. It's a colorful, chocolate dream you'll never want to wake up from.

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Mirage Las Vegas

Discover The Mirage Hotel & Casino, a AAA Four Diamond award-winner located center-Strip with its iconic volcano welcoming you to a paradise of 24-hour action.

Be sure to see the Beatles show LOVE!

While you're checking in, check out the 20,000-gallon saltwater tank behind the front desk. The indoor coral reef is home to approximately 450 fish from 85 different species of finned and gilled glory. These fish species were all selected for their adaptability to the environment and compatibility with other species.


NewYork NewYork Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

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The Big Apple Coaster

Heart-stopping action and excitement

Get your thrills on the world’s first coaster to feature a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver, providing more than 1.4 million riders with heart-stopping action and excitement each year.

The Park at ParkMGM

The Park This six-acre outdoor promenade features dining, entertainment and nightlife options with one-of-a-kind art pieces and shade structures to beat the Vegas heat

At The Park, you won't have to worry about anyone fighting over where to eat – that's because everyone will be more than happy to dine here. Simply put, The Park's promenade is not your typical dining experience. The attractive outdoor space offers dining, attractions and entertainment, all rolled into one.

You can't really beat outdoor patio dining, a lively atmosphere and not to mention the Bliss Dance statue. Also, if you're here to watch a concert at T-Mobile Arena, it's only a short walk away.

Whether you're enjoying a fresh stroll or need to sober up by way of a fresh stroll, The Park's outdoor promenade does not disappoint. You'll find hundreds (yes, hundreds) of fully grown trees and flowers, two long water walls and shade structures ranging from 55 to 75 feet tall. These structures light up at night, resembling oversized neon blooms.

If you're already ooh-ing and ahh-ing at that, we're not done yet. The Park's focal point is the Bliss Dance statue. Artist Marco Cochrane got the inspiration from his first Burning Man festival experience. The statue celebrates woman empowerment and freedom. At night, Bliss Dance glimmers in colored LED lights.

The Park may be an outdoor attraction, but with its shade structures, trees, water features and marble ground (a natural cooling material), it'll make those extreme summer temperatures way more bearable. Plus, all the shaded patio dining areas and its super-close location to T-Mobile Arena are reasons alone to hit up The Park.

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The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

No trip to Venice — or The Venetian — would be complete without a graceful and romantic glide down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian gondola. Float beneath bridges, beside cafes, under balconies, and through the vibrant Venetian streetscape as your singing gondolier sweeps you down the Grand Canal for a ride like no other.

Among the many things to do in Las Vegas, stepping back in time and into one of our Old World gondolas is among the most fun and romantic. Surrender to the romance of a live serenade and take in the sights from a one-of-a-kind vantage point as you float along the Grand Canal and under bridges, absorbing the enchanting atmosphere of Las Vegas’ most unique and elegant resort. Or choose the outdoor ride and enjoy an open-air experience right on the Strip.

And if you’re wondering about The Venetian gondola ride, indoor vs. outdoor, don’t worry. Each offers its own unique views, but are equally romantic, enthralling, and worth the price of admission. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that every gondola ride – whether indoor or outdoor – is full of wonderful moments, perfect for a family photograph album or just a simple posting on social media.

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Best Asian Restaurant in Las Vegas


Wynn Las Vegas, often simply referred to as Wynn, is a luxury resort and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The US$2.7-billion resort is named after casino developer Steve Wynn and is the flagship property of Wynn Resorts. The resort covers 215 acres (87 ha). It is located at the northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sands Avenue, directly across The Strip from the Fashion Show Mall.

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