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Join the Sandeman’s Free  Walking Tour of Paris

Join the Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour of Paris

“One of the most beautiful cities in the world.....

You'll want to keep your camera at the ready as your expert local guide takes you on a walking tour through major Paris landmarks. The iconic sites keep coming as you make your way from Place Saint Michel over the river to see the Notre Dame de Paris. As you stroll along the famous River Seine, you'll feel like a real Parisian as you see the Paris of famous films and books. Walk across Pont Neuf, and over to the Louvre and past the Tuileries Gardens. On this breathtaking tour, you will also find yourself face-to-face with more major Paris sites like the Palace of Justice and Sainte Chapelle, and see a glimpse of the Musée d'Orsay and Place de la Concorde."

"With some of the most incredible stories......

However, you'll want to make sure you're not too busy taking photographs to hear the stories behind these major Paris landmarks, because the City of Love is not just beautiful - it's fascinating. The informative and always entertaining local guides will bring stories from the capital of Napoleon's empire, the beheadings of the French Revolution, and the dark times of the Nazi occupation to life."

"FREE Tour concept......

The tips-based model of the FREE Tour allows guests to support and reward only the highest quality tours, and to ensure that the tour fits within their expectations, and within their budget.”

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