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See 15,000 butterflies at the Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is also home to the Dubai Butterfly Park which was recently added. This is the world’s largest butterfly garden featuring 15,000 butterflies of around 26 kinds!

"Dubai Butterfly Garden is an indoor garden which has five domes that is sure to win your heart. The destination gives you the opportunity to see beautiful butterflies and gives you an insight into their world. Here you will be made to understand how butterflies evolve through each stage and so is a good learning opportunity for everyone. Also there are assistants to help you interact with the Butterflies and take beautiful pictures with butterflies. If you are travelling with kids this destination is a must visit.

There is separate entrance and ticket for Dubai Butterfly Garden. Ask for assistance to the security guards seen on the road towards Dubai Miracle Garden."

"Located right next to existing Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Butterfly Garden claimed to be the “World’s Largest Covered Butterfly Garden” consists of five custom built domes around 6,673 sq.m. Each dome is filled with thousands of beautifully winged creatures, featuring 15,000 butterflies of around over 50 varieties of butterfly in different sizes and colors flying around the visitors. Dubai Butterfly Garden gives you the opportunity to see how butterflies evolve through each stage.

Dubai Butterfly Garden has a climate-controlled dome, providing the butterflies a relaxed environment and permitting the domes to be open throughout the year. Along with the garden there is also a butterfly museum and a lush garden that is built with varieties of plants and flowers, fountains, birds and fish ponds.


Butterfly Museum

Dubai Butterfly Garden welcomes the visitors to its world class hand-craft designs made by thousands of Butterflies from different part of the world.

Educational Area

One of the main focuses of the park is education. We promote educational experience for visitors and witness the actual butterfly lifecycle and gain insight into their metamorphosis. Dubai Butterfly Garden offers an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the butterfly in all its growth stages.

Koi Pond

Love Fishes? See the beautiful multitude of Koi Fish in different colors and sizes located in Dome 2. The eye catching water features with its running water also gives a calming and soothing effects to the visitors.


Visitors may enjoy watching a huge selection of educational movies, animations and butterfly life cycle built just for little movie fans."


  • Anteos Clorinde

  • Archaeoprepona Demophon

  • Athyma Perius

  • Attacus Atlas

  • Biblis Hyperia

  • Caligo Eurilochus

  • Caligo Memnon

  • Cethosia Bibliss

  • Danaus Chrysippus

  • Danaus Plexippus

  • Doleschallia Bisaltide

  • Dryas Iulias

  • Graphium Agamemnon

  • Hamadryas Feronia

  • Hebomia Glaucippe

  • Heliconius Cydno

  • Heliconius Doris

  • Heliconius Hecale

  • Heliconius Melpomene

  • Heliconius Sara

  • Hypolimnas Bolina

  • Idea Leoconoe

  • Junonia Hierta

  • Junonia Lemonias

  • Kallima Inachus

  • Lexias Dirtea (F)

  • Lexias Dirtea (M)

  • Morpho Peleides

  • Opsiphanes Tamarinde

  • Pachliopta Kotzebuea

  • Papilio Demoleus

  • Papilio Lowi

  • Papilio Memnon

  • Papilio Palinurus

  • Papilio Polytes

  • Papilio Polyxenis

  • Papilio Rumanzovia

  • Papilio Thoas

  • Parides Arcas

  • Parides Iphidamas

  • Parthenos Sylvia

  • Samia Walkeri

  • Siproeta Epaphus

  • Siproeta Stelenes

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