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The Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island is a Universal Museum

"A museum with a global perspective, Louvre Abu Dhabi brings together works from across the ages and from a multitude of cultures. The chronological journey through twelve chapters, spanning prehistoric to contemporary periods, highlights the characteristics shared by humanity throughout its history. The thematic presentation of the works draws attention to the similarities and particularities of our forms of artistic expression, surpassing any geographical limitations.

The dialogue between these objects, whether from the collection of Louvre Abu Dhabi or exceptional loans by French, Emirati and regional museums, reveals a universal history linked to humankind’s social, intellectual and technical exchanges around the world, and the interdependency of our societies.

The Grand Vestibule, the first step of your journey, encapsulates and introduces this universal narrative. Inspired by nautical charts, the floor of the gallery is marked with a winding line that represents the coastline of the United Arab Emirates. Instead of showing port cities, names are written in different languages that indicate the places of origin of the works exhibited in Louvre Abu Dhabi, which serves as a starting point to understand our universal history." Louvre Abu Dhabi

Press Release

Louvre Abu Dhabi Presents Knightly Culture from Magnificent Horse Armours to Romantic Medieval Fables, Across the Islamic East and Christian West

Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West

on view from 19 February – 30 May 2020