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Enjoy the beautiful Dubai Marina from a wooden dhow

Enjoy the beautiful Dubai Marina from a wooden dhow

Take this relaxing and informative hour long cruise around this artificial canal on a beautiful wooden dhow.

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“Dubai is an excellent example of an impressive story of transformation.

Having started as a barren, deserted land with zero means of endurance, it has grown into an exciting megacity with some of the world’s finest beaches, glittering skyscrapers, and a beautiful skyline.

While you won’t find oases or natural water bodies in Dubai, there is an artificial canal district known as Dubai Marina. This is a modern part of town where luxury yachts sit next to authentic wooden dhow boats.

A Dhow is a traditional wooden boat that dates back to 600 BC that was historically used throughout the Middle East for trading.

They typically sport long thin hulls, and were used to carry heavy items between Arab states (like fresh water fruit) and countries like Pakistan, India and Yemen. They were also used for pearl diving, but in recent decades have been replaced by more modern vessels.

Having played such a crucial role in the history and evolution of the gulf, these iconic boats have been repurposed for tourism, and while no longer used for trade, visitors can board historic boats for a dinner cruise across Dubai Marina.”

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