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One Perfect Stay..Hyatt Hylands in Carmel California

One Perfect Stay

Stay: Hyatt Highlands in Carmel

Use your Hyatt points and stay for 25000 points each night. You will get a standard room on the award nights.. Fireplaces in the rooms. Very nice huge lobby with comfy seating and fireplaces with bar and view overlooking the ocean.


California Market is right on the hotel property.


From the Hyatt Highlands it is just a short drive to Carmel or Monterey.


The internet can be spotty in some of the rooms so if internet access is important then make sure your room has access before checking in.

This is a residence club. If you don’t want to listen to their sales talk then just tell them you are not interested and they will leave you alone. It may be possible to get one of the suite rooms for $95 a night for two nights if you are willing to listen to a sales presentation.

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