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Beautiful Nice France Part 3

Place Garibaldi in the Old Town of Nice is one of the largest and oldest squares in the city. The statue of Garibaldi in his soccer jersey during the Euro 2016 games.

Fountain fun for the whole family.

In the Old Town you can find tomato olive, pesto basil cheese and sausages of chorizo, mushroom, herbs and more.

VIP’s Grill serves delicious grilled sardines, seafood pasta and artichoke salad at reasonable prices.

Near the VIP Grill you will find Gelateria Meraviglia which is always open


At the Nice train station. This is a great place for coffee or sandwiches. Train arrivals and departures are displayed inside the restaurant.

Seven story cube head sculpture La Tete au Carre (The Square Head) Sculptor Sacha Sosno and Architect Yves Bayard. Built in 1997 as the library administrative office . First inhabitable sculpture in the world.

Made of aluminum and covered with mesh so you cannot see inside. Located near the Acropolis Convention center 7 km from the Nice-Cote d’Azur International Airport.

Velobleu bike rentals along the Promenade des Anglais

Glisse Evasion Blue Beach Water Sports

Parasailing in front of the Negresco hotel.

This War Memorial is located at the entrance to the port of Nice near the steps to Castle Hill. . Built into the rock in 1924 -1928 in recognition of the 4000 residents of Nice that died in the First World War. It was later modified to include the Second World War and conflicts in Indochina and Algeria.

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