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The San Diego Museum of Art in Beautiful Balboa Park California

The history of the Museum goes back to the Panama-California International Exposition which was held in Balboa Park in 1915-1916 to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal. One of the displays at the exposition was a collection of fine art from Europe and America plus some local California artists. The fine art was so popular it was decided San Diego needed a fine art gallery and collection.

The building designed by William Templeton Johnson who blended Spanish Colonial style with features borrowed from cathedrals, universities and hospitals in various regions of Spain.

The San Diego Museum of Art opened February 28 1926.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, some important pieces were moved to other museums for safe keeping. In 1943 it was requisitioned for military use with other facilities in Balboa Park. The United States Navy converted the Museum into a hospital until 1947.

Deborah Butterfield Aluminum Horse #5

Thomas Hart Benton After Many Days

Art of the 20th Century Exhibit

Italo Scanga Head 1988-92 Italian

Nelson Ramos Los Visitantes 1988 Uruguayan

Salvador Dali Specter of the Evening 1930 Spanish

Yves Tanguy Untitled 1935 French

Art of East Asia Exhibit

Buddhist Temple Icons

Dipper Mother 17th Century China

Eight Daoist Immortals 1900 China

Guanyin 12th Century Northern China

Han and Tang Dynasties


Pair of Rams 19th Century Korea

Shinto Shrine Fox and Spirit House with Kami Japan

Two Camels Early 8th Century China

Porcelain Vases China

Art of the Portrait European Art 1500-1850 Exhibit

Anton Raphael Mengs Portrait of Don Luis de Borbon Infante of Spain 1768 German

Sofonisba Anguissola Portrait of a Spanish Prince as Hunter 1573 Italian

European Art Genre & Myth 1550-1850 Exhibit

Osias Beert the Elder Still Life with tulips, irises, and lilies with a Chinese lacquer basket 1610-1620 Flemish

Peter Binoit Still life with grapes and peaches in a porcelain bowl, songbirds, and a mouse eating sweetmeats 1620 Flemish

Rachel Ruysch A Vase of Flowers 1689 Dutch

Art of Devotion European Art 1300-1800 Exhibit

German Expressionism Exhibit

Otto Dix The Lion Cannoneer 1914 German

Venetian Views Exhibit

Bernardo Bellotto The Molo from the Bacino di San Marco Venice 1740 Italian

Canaletto (Giovanni Antonio Canal) The Grand Canal Venice 1741 Italian

An Indian Virgin Mary Exhibit

The Adoration of the Christ Child with Angels 1590’s or 1620’s Northern India

The Virgin and Child 1590-98 Northern India

Painting made at the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar (r.1556-1605) influenced by European paintings he received as gifts from Jesuit missionaries in Goa India.

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