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We enjoyed our visit to delicious Printemps du Gout in Paris France

The Department Store concept is not a modern idea. In 1865 Jules Jaluzot and Jean-Alfred Duclos founded Printemps, “spring” in French. Opening in November of 1865 at the corner of Le Harve and Boulevard Haussmann, the building was an architectural wonder designed by Jules and Paul Sédille, who received instant notoriety for the magnificent design and artistic embellishments of the original building.

The concept of Printemps was a revolution in retailing. Items were marked with prices, alleviating the haggling that had dominated retail up to that point. Printemps used their buying power to offer quality luxury goods to a growing middle class. Among the other innovations in retail pioneered by Printemps was the discount. To keep the selections fresh, and the prices reasonable, Printemps initiated the idea of discounted pricing to clear out old inventory that was taking up space and capital.

While the retailing concepts and sales were expanding, so was the building. In 1874 a major expansion included elevators, a true novelty of the time. A major fire heavily damaged the store, which was rebuilt in 1881. Building innovations continued with the installation of electric lights that included a visible power plant behind a glass where customers watched the inner workings. In 1904 the store was the first to have a subway stop in its building.

The original Printemps, located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, France, features up and coming designers in fashion as well as luxury selections in the health and beauty niche. The list of name brands featured throughout the six floors of the Paris location numbers in the hundreds. The Printemps Haussmann location at 64 Boulevard Haussmann has taken a step in a new direction with the addition of the best of French Gastronomy.

In January of 2018, the 7th and 8th floors became the dedicated hub of French Cuisine as part of the Printemps experience. Under the umbrella of Printemps du Goût are two floors dedicated to fine foods. Sit down dining along with niche markets are located throughout this new space highlighting the best in food. Shoppers can buy fresh artisan produce shipped from throughout family farms across France. Gourmet cheeses, olive oils, seasonings, spices, meats, jams, chocolates and coffees produced in France are all available at markets of Printemps du Goût.

As you eat your way along the 7th and 8th floor of the iconic Printemps du Goût you will find niches serving the finest in foods, pastries, breads and desserts created by the aristocracy of French cuisine. Famed pastry chef, Christophe Michalak has opened his fourth location of Michalak’s here, delighting foodies with his modern twist on classic French sweets.

A major baker in Paris, Gontran Cherrier, can also be found among the specialty shops located throughout Printemps du Goût. This classic French baker offers freshly baked French Breads that buyers must visit after they leave the shop of Laurent Dubois, a lavishly praised cheese maker.

Paris is noted for its coffee shops and Printemps du Goût highlights this French obsession with Lomi, considered the BEST French coffee Roaster in the country. Enjoy crafted coffee beverages in a cozy niche or take home rich French Roasted Coffee.

The French delicatessen is a staple of neighborhoods, Printemps du Goût is not different, in fact it exemplifies this tradition with the inclusion of La Grande Epicerie de Paris and Lafayette Gourmet. Both offering a delicatessen tasting and catering area. An unsurpassed selection of French Olive Oil from Corica or Baux de Provence preferred by French Chefs is available here.

Many specialty niches throughout the 1700 square meters of the 7th and 8th floor of Printemps du Goût, offer sit down intimate dining with views of Paris not seen from any other location. Surrounded by gourmet food in markets, traditional Parisian brasseries, coffee shops, cafes, the visitor is captivated by the aromas, colors and tastes of foods produced in France.

In Paris, a table for two is always available, such is the case at Printemps du Goût, where dining choices range from areas that seat 20 to dining rooms that sit 270. Printemps du Goût is an all-around food exploration, shopping, tasting, dining and desserts, the BEST of FRENCH FOOD is offered at Printemps du Goût.

Story by Daniel Dachille and Laine Page

Some photos courtesy of Printemps

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