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We loved our Royal Experience Tour of Royal Coster Diamonds and The Diamond Museum in Amsterdam, Net

Royal Coster Diamonds is the oldest known diamond polishing factory in the world. It was founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1840 by Moses Elias Coster. Known as Coster Diamonds until 2016 when King Willern-Alexander of Netherlands granted the Honorary title Royal. The title is granted to organizations that have been in existence for at least 100 years and who are recognized as experts in their field.

“Coster Diamond creator of the Koh-i-Noor

This crown is a replica of the original Royal Crown of the Royal House of Great Britain.

In July 1852 Coster Diamonds industry was commissioned to repolish the diamond which took 38 days to complete. During this time the diamond lost 77.07 carats. The diamond weight is now 108.93 carats.

The original crown is on display with all royal jewels in the Tower of London.”

Long before Coster Diamonds added royal to its name it was the leading servicer of diamonds for royalty from around the world. Among the work that Royal Coster has performed for royal families include, polishing Koh i Noor, a significant piece in the British Royal Crown Jewels, as well as being one of the world’s largest diamonds weighing in at 105.6 carats mounted on the crown of Queen Mary.

Royalty that have travelled to the Coster Diamonds over the century include Queen Victoria, Empress Sisi and King Rama V of Siam. Now known as Royal Coster Diamonds it is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for polishing the world’s smallest diamond which weighs a mere 0.0000743 carats.

Silvia Tomasini, Sales Representative and our guide for the day.

The free guided tour of the Royal Coster Diamond Factory is offered in 35 languages. Throughout the tour guests are treated to an inside education about the art and craft of diamond polishing by the world’s foremost experts in the field.

The tour includes watching craftspeople turn rough stones into sparkling, beautiful diamonds using time honored cutting and polishing techniques. The Royal Coster Diamond Factory tour includes a narrative of the origin of diamonds, along with a history of diamonds, the 4 C’s of diamond valuations, all presented by knowledgeable diamond tour guides who are prepared to answer almost every question about the precious stones.

During the factory tour, guests are invited to a private room to see the largest collection of unset diamonds. The craftspeople of Royal Coster Diamonds have perfected the Royal 210 diamond, with more facets, sparkle and fire than any other diamond cut.

Guests of the Royal Coster Diamond Factory tour are also treated to a viewing of the Koh-I-Noor as well as their own jewelry collection. Along with the free factory tour, Royal Coster Diamonds also offers other unique tours, including the Champagne Diamond Surprise, The Royal Experience, as well as The Engagement Workshop.

Rich in Art and History museums, some dedicated to the world’s most renowned artists, it is also home to the Diamond Museum Amsterdam which visitors can experience after they tour the Royal Coster Diamond Factory.

To complete your exploration of diamonds while in Amsterdam head over to Museum Square near the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum where you can visit the only museum in Europe dedicated to this precious stone coveted around the world, The Diamond Museum Amsterdam. Tickets are available online for a visit dedicated to the history of the diamond.

“Replica of the “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh

The painting is set with 504 Brilliants with a total weight of 140 carats and another 96 pieces of onyx. The stones are all set in 18 carat White Gold.”

Opened in 2007 by Ben Meier, a master diamond polisher, its mission is to educate visitors about the fascinating and mystical world of the precious stone. The journey at the Diamond Museum Amsterdam begins 3 Billion Years Ago in stones buried deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is a story of their discovery, the art of cutting and polishing the raw stones into brilliant beauties that become engagement rings and crown jewels.

Egelantiers (white roses) Replica: gold, silver and cubic zirconia

King Willem III purchased these egelantiers in Paris from the court jeweler Mellerio dits Meller in 1888.

Bracelet watch (replica: silver and cubic zirconia) As a national gift on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Queen Juliana in 1959, this bracelet watch was designed and made by the jeweler Steltman of Den Haag.

Litho 23 out of 1000

“The title for the skull “For the love of God” by Damien Hirst is descended by Damien Hirst’s mother when Hirst told her his intention to set a skull with thousands of diamonds. The skull is set with 8601 diamonds and on the forehead a big pink diamond, the “Skull Star” weighing 52.4 ct. The platinum skull is a cast of an unknown man approximately 35 years old around the year 1800. “

Throughout the journey of the Diamond Museum Amsterdam, visitors learn the history of the people who are responsible for the world of diamonds as we know it. The star of the story is the hardest material known to man, that is also one of the most beautiful.

“It was called European Champions’ Championship and from 1986 was renamed to European Community Championship. Its nickname was “Gold Racquet” tournament because if a player won the tournament three times within a 5 year span he would receive a special trophy, a life-size 13.2 pound gold racquet studded with 1,420 diamonds valued at $1,000,000. Only one person has achieved this in the history of the Diamond Games. In 2007 Amelie Mauresmo was able to take this piece of art home with her after 2 very close sets against our very own Kim Clijsters. In 2005 Venus Williams came very close to winning this diamond racket which is worth 1 million euro. Sadly she lost in three very close sets against the very same Amelie Mauresmo who was to take the racket 2 years later.”

English Crowns

Coronation crown of a Yoruba king, 1976 Nigeria

Tiara of Queen Josephina of Sweden

Crown of Crown Prince Abbas Mirza of Persia

The Coster Skull

“ Inspired by the Skull of Damien Hirst, Coster Diamonds made its own variation of the skull. This skull however is set with over twice as many diamonds with a total over 17,000 brilliant cut diamonds. This skull is made of silver, cast from a Gorilla skull. “

Exhibits at the Diamond Museum Amsterdam include close ups of Royal Crowns, raw stones, polished masterpieces, diamond dust, rare colored diamond finds, as well as jewelry from around the world. A visit to the Diamond Museum Amsterdam is an adventure that showcases the past, highlights the present as well as looks to the future of the coveted diamond.

Story by Daniel Dachille

Video Voice over by Jim Reynolds

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